Still Surviving

I’m taking time to review what’s going on in mesh today.  One of the biggest pet projects of Jane Akre is associated with Corporate Action Network (CAN of crap)… and they have a plan for you alright.  Their campaigns include “Johnson & Johnson Hurts Women” and “We Are Mesh Survivors.”  These two new websites sprang up last year when they started ramping up their plans for a big payday off J&J and mesh women.  I don’t know if they saw settlements were getting closer or they just wanted to push that timetable up on making money… but either way they are still in business today.

Starting with the Mesh Survivors site… I see they have changed mesh women as covergirls on there.  Last year I did a post about them and you can see one person is missing.  Estelle Hilliard as she is now known (ET or Estelle Tasz before) was one of them… and Jane’s best personal pet to get women fired up to go to war against Johnson & Johnson.  Turns out… she was a gigantic fraudster (I wrote so many articles on here I lost count over this nonsense).

Teresa Sawyer is still up there… better known as part of the two-person team of TVT-No! Foundation.  Since then they have shut down operations and stopped raking in donations to spend on their home.

Suzanne McClain (McMean) is still up there.  She joined after the Estelle fiasco went down.  This lady likes to let everyone know how important and intelligent she is.  She has in fact done a lot of research on Johnson & Johnson meshes, there’s a history of all of them somewhere out there on the web.  She also was the very, VERY FIRST story Jane Akre ever did on mesh.  This was before Mesh Medical News Desk… when Jane worked for a lawfirm advertising company who liked to have their own “news” (I use that loosely it’s called soft marketing) site for injured people. Last year McMean dropped a bombshell that she had been working with Jane 7 years.  This is far in excess of where that story began and I still wonder how involved she is as an active player with Jane… or just useful idiot.

FireShot Screen Capture #052 - 'Take Action I We Are Mesh Survivors' - meshsurvivors_org_take-actionToday… there are new people.  I wonder how many will fall in disgrace this year.  Perhaps most of them are simply useful idiots… having missed last years scandals and thinking they are merely doing a good thing in trying to warn others about the hazards of mesh.

Heather Zuk leads the campaign these days as top cover girl.  She’s changed her name on Facebook after I mentioned her on here a while back (I suppose she’s a teeny bit upset about that).  Advise:  If you don’t want to be on my website… stop advertising for frauds and throwing your name all over the web.

Nonie Wideman has made it as a cover girl.  She works closely with McMean on many projects… including the last brainchild with Jane called “restorative justice plan” where they proposed yet another nonprofit be formed (only this time they want you to pay for it from mesh settlement or judgement money).

Dora de Wilde is also up there I see… yet another co-signer onto the “restorative judgement plan” letter sent to the judge in West Virginia.  This lady is in Belgium… yes mesh is a worldwide problem I just don’t see how you want to poke your nose into the American court system on the issue.

Other women… I’m not sure who they are or what they are doing up there.  Like I said many people can be brought into schemes without realizing it as these sites make everything look so legitimate (remember they pay big bucks to get a site looking that good).

The game seems to be same as it was back then… make a slick site, get women to sign up on petitions and contacting congress… doing good and all that crap… all the while falling victim to giving their names and information over to Corporate Action Network to be used for whatever they are using it for.  To legitimize all the crap that is really going on.

So remember… Jane Akre is the brains behind all these sites… and she sits on the board of The Mesh Warrior Foundation.  She has her heels in every camp… and plays everyone so well that she has been heralded as “savior” and “hero” by some mesh women.  They are non the wiser that any of this is going on or that they are being used for a purpose other than “paying it forward” instead falling victim as many others before them have.

I hope one day everyone will know who they are and what they are up to… and they will find another ambulance to chase.  Until then… welcome to TMA (The Mesh Avenger)… where bad deeds are exposed for what they really are.


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  1. Thank you Kim for spending time to give women a clear update on who to watch out for. They infiltrate our lives and we at first tend to think of them as a poor mesh injured woman. Once they establish themselves into women’s private groups and worm their way into someone’s heart, they use and devour all they touch. It is time to wise up and stop them.

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