Purchased Pawns

August 10, 2015 kim 0

How much would you be willing to sell yourself for? Lobbying… Sponsorships… Advertising.  Call these things what you will… there is a price paid for […]


July 23, 2015 kim 0

There are many secondary illnesses associated with mesh.  Current research at UCLA is looking closely at biofilms as a key cause of free radicals damaging […]

Rules of the Game

July 21, 2015 kim 4

I realize everyone is hopping up and down ready to give Lana Keeton a parade right about now for her recent second lawsuit filed against […]

Stopping Mesh

July 19, 2015 kim 1

As I read through the groups (yes even those I’ve been banned from there’s always a way to see)… I’ve noticed a common trend in […]

Group Therapy

July 17, 2015 kim 4

There was another incident yesterday where I was banned from a group on Facebook.  It’s been a while since that happened.  Actually this is a […]

Nonprofit Warblers

July 13, 2015 kim 3

There is someone out there who thinks she is the keeper of blue wisdom… but you know all this shit is out on the internet […]

Mind Disconnect

July 10, 2015 kim 1

So this is a rather sensitive topic for many… yet it needs to be addressed.  Mesh is such a disaster affecting all sorts of things […]

Day Alias

July 8, 2015 kim 1

Do you know someone with a daytime alias on Facebook?  Some wacky name so no one will know who they really are?  Maybe it’s a […]

Air Wings

July 6, 2015 kim 0

So… we got a tip today from a woman with something she heard about while on a southwest flight.  Turns out… it’s true. If you’re […]

War on MeSH

July 6, 2015 kim 1

So… my neXt campaign… War on Mesh.  You might notice I like to have a softer message and meaning behind some of the things I […]

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