It’s been a rough journey exposing all the inconsistencies and abuses by the nonprofits in the world of mesh.  At the end of the day… it’s also all worth it.  I started doing this… ironically because of Aaron Horton and her wacky way of making mesh women look like crazy women.  It was so disrespectful… and disturbing that someone who said she wanted to help… would go to such lengths to do the exact opposite in her quest for fame.  Or whatever it was she was out to accomplish.

So began my investigation… inadvertently… pissing off everyone in the process.  I had the best of intentions when I began… to try and take mesh off the market and help women do this.  That… was sidetracked very quickly when women preferred to focus on bringing up all their concerns of nonprofits they suspected were not helping anyone.  I asked questions women wanted answers to… and found how quickly one person could be banned from pages for asking questions people did not want to answer.  I also found many women I had to ban off my page… such fervent supporters of Jane & company.  She really is the ultimate manipulator.  When I can lay out evidence… and women still believe in someone… that is not loyalty… that is an unwillingness to take off the rose-colored glasses… and see the truth for what it is.  I understand why some women still to this day do not want to see the ugly side of Jane… because it is unpleasant when you do.

TVT-No… has closed their website and I’m assuming their nonprofit is no more.  They say it’s due to “circumstances beyond their control” and I’m pretty sure the right people must have asked the right questions… that they did not have the right answers to.  Dirty nonprofits… need to go.  They need to close shop and be gone.  It’s wrong to take money from injured women and give nothing in return.  It’s wrong to refer to your vehicle as the “TVT-No mobile”… so good riddance to bad rubbish.  For all the others out to profit from the misfortunes of others… your time is limited.  Women are wising up… and you do not have long to make a choice to find another line of work.

It’s tough being injured by mesh.  It’s tough being a family member of a mesh injured person.  Life… is not easy… and we must make the best of a bad situation.  There are so many generous people out there… who do not have money to give and yet give they do.  Please take my advice… put yourself first.  Put your own needs first.  Charity starts at home.  Especially when you do not have anything to give.  If you are more fortunate and have extra that you feel you want to “pay it forward”… choose wisely.  Investigate thoroughly.  Watch carefully… what organizations do.  Actions speak so much louder than words.  You can ask questions… and people can lie straight to your face.  Watch what they do… and it will show you the truth more than words can ever say.  Sometimes this takes time… and if you want to donate something to anyone… take that time.  There are good people and good causes out there.  You just have to choose carefully.

These days I’m trying to pay it forward.  Doing something… that is greater than myself.  To leave something behind that will last far beyond the limited time I have on this planet.  Anything worth anything… is not built overnight.  It will take time… but I have time.  I don’t have children… and you can’t take it with you… so I’m going to leave a legacy that will live on.  For everyone lost in the land of mesh… think about what you want to leave behind.  Think about what you want to do not just today… but what it is you can do now that your life has changed.  There is always something you can do… you just have to find it.  Although mesh is a terrible life sentence with physical consequences for most who have been damaged by it… stop seeing this as an end.  It has to be a beginning… maybe not the beginning you wanted or planned.  Mourn your past life… and start planning for your new life.  Return to the land of the living… find a life outside of mesh.  Find your passion… your purpose… and life will begin again for you in a new way.

I hope everyone will move on… and not join the new “group” TVT-No founders are transitioning to.  It won’t be long before CAN of crap is gone along with Jane… moving on to hip or knee implants or some other tragedy in human suffering.  If we’re lucky… really really lucky… the FBI will be looking closely at Corporate Action Network.  I don’t see how a nonprofit can be formed from union money… from people’s union funds and retirement money… and go unnoticed.  There is something very very wrong there.  I’ll keep a watch out… you never know just when things will change.

It just takes time… and we all have time.



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  1. And isn’t it a shame that instead of being transparent (if they were honest), they chose to close down instead? I wonder if they are wiping their brows and going, “whew!” And CAN is as corrupt as they can be.

  2. Perhaps their attorney (I’m sure they must have found one as unethical as they are) has instructed them to “disappear” as quickly as possible. Not possible. There are enough pro-mesh people (docs and manufacturers) with deep pockets to expose it all and call the entire mesh issue a hoax based on the actions of the “non-profit” organizations claiming to represent the women injured by mesh. The exposure of the scam of the organizations is justified and needed. However, the relationship they claim to have with women involved in legal actions against the manufacturers could do irreparable damage. Twice injured. I hope they serve time but propably won’t.

  3. I speak to so many women who need money and I have not heard one of them say “Aaron Horton, TVT-No or Jane Akre made my day when they gave me a helping hand. Instead I’ve heard “I was promised” or I was told “You don’t qualify”. This is because unless you are willing to sell yourself to them, they won’t give you one penny. And yet, they all ask for money knowing full well that mesh injured women have nothing left to give. Jane Akre is asking for six thousand dollars on GoFundMe. I hear women trying to figure out how many days they can cut off from their hotel stay because it costs too much. They will fly home without help on the other end when they should have stayed longer. Jane sits in her tower, ignoring all women have to do to get help. All she wants is for them to pay for coverage of court trials where she will write untruths or fictional things like “The jury looked shocked”. Ladies when these cases are settled, you will be expected to take very little and will be told “You don’t want the company to go bankrupt do you?” What about you? What about the many years you won’t be able to make a living. Stand up and say “No” when the lawyers show up at your door and try to make you feel small or stupid. You have to get ready by doing your homework and figuring out what every year of your life will cost you in care. Then demand it. Stop giving away your precious resources to a woman who will walk away and move on to hip replacements and other medical implant disasters. You will be standing alone wondering what happened. You deserve a chance to live a decent life.

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