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So… I’m looking to see who Mark Fleishman’s besties are… he’s friends with some interesting people.  Not the least of which is someone who sent me all sorts of screenshots trying to get me to use them because she didn’t like being kicked out of a group.  There were over a dozen screenshots sent before I woke up one morning… imagine my surprise to read them.  So for the woman who wanted me to share so much… careful what you wish for…



Nice to know what your new friends really think about you.  If you’re curious what my responses to this were… I have no problem posting those either, some are here… they were nothing close to what’s being said by her.  This is why I tell people… no matter what I tell you in private message it will be the same as I will tell someone to their face… I’m very aware of the “sharing” program that people do when they feel all safe and snuggly talking trash.  I’m not a two-faced person… I’ll be upfront with you… most people don’t do that though.





Yes… your buddy Mark who all the women seem to be drooling over lately.  There’s more on that ring… wait for it…


Then there’s a nice tribute to that whole CAN pep rally deal…


Andy… of Fitzgibbon Media I’m assuming.  The company Corporate Action Network hired to redesign their logo, website, and also very obviously… help put together campaigns.


I guess everyone gets a little dramatic about who gets attention at these things… still… it’s not a competition for the camera… is it?

Oh… I suppose this wasn’t exactly what she had in mind to “share” those images… no worries… I have those too.  Let’s see what wonderful things were said.  Anyone remember the concert that “never was”… I suppose it’s still in the works…

Sawyer Music 1 Sawyer Music 2 Sawyer Music 3

Hmm… better get a move on… summer is almost over folks.

Now… there was something about the battle of the bracelets…

Sawyer Bracelets 1 Sawyer Bracelets 2

Yes… since you have a “bunch of money” wrapped up in the bracelets you have we wouldn’t want anyone else going into the bracelet business would we?  But hey… once all those are gone maybe… just maybe… you can advertise yours.

Secrets Among Friends

I want everyone to think about this… no matter what you say everyone is going to know about it.  Are they going to put it on a blog?  Probably not… but the world of mesh women is small… and everyone gossips about everyone else.  If you think someone is an ass… make sure when you’re standing in front of them you can tell them that.  There is nothing worse than fake friends smiling in front of you and then talking shit behind your back.

I think everyone is aware of what I think of them… if you’ve heard it “through the grapevine” though… you might just be misled in rumors and lies by a wonderful person who’s all “friendly” with you.

Don’t think I don’t know this same woman is talking smack about me and my mom right now… and more than likely did back then too.  When someone does this and is not willing to be up front with people in front of their face… they will do the same thing to you.  Two-faced people… have no real friends… because no one can trust them.



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