Distortion of Truth

“Arguing with a manipulator is like arguing with a drug addict. You’re not arguing with the person, you’re arguing with the drug.” – Elizabeth Esther

Sometimes people do things for the wrong reasons. A master manipulator though… never knows the difference between right and wrong. I was engaged to one… I ought to know.

We would all like to believe the media does not lie. In truth good media relies on fact-finding and fact checking, not to be misconstrued with good marketing. Good marketing takes advantage of press releases and flooding the web with information that may or may not be truth altogether or just in part. They use tactics to disguise their real intentions… and I’ve shown you a few of their tricks. “Sponsored” content is a huge red flag. Be very careful when searching the web for articles and look for who the article was based off of rather than who wrote the article, because 90% of the time… they just took a press release and rewrote the article to look like they wrote it.

There is a new player on the board it seems. I don’t want to call her a player and honestly I would rather not say that at all… but actions speak so much louder than words. I would prefer to think of her as a “willing idiot” rather than yet another morally bankrupt person… and I truly in my heart of hearts hope this is the case. There is nothing wrong with being caught up in someone’s spell… human nature in fact… and I don’t say “willing idiot” disparagingly. Everyone at some point has been a willing idiot… you just have to wake up one day… see the truth… and not only apologize for the part you played… but do something to show remorse and make amends. It’s not your fault. You were just caught up in someone’s ulterior motive and web of lies. It will take time… a lot of time… but you’ll learn to forgive yourself by doing something about what you’ve done… and cleaning up the mess left behind.

My mother has recently learned that lesson the hard way… and I know how she feels. I’ve been there… a few years ago when I too was a willing idiot. I’ve worked every day since then to mop up my mess… and slowly right the wrongs I created. It is in part the reason I am taking some of my time and giving information to mesh injured women… whether they read it or not, believe it or not. It is something that is very important to my mother, because she has lived through this horrible, horrible ordeal… and I lend my support the only way I can. Through hard work.

My mother’s situation is different in many respects… mine was a personal relationship… hers was a public friendship and advocacy. She thought she was doing the right thing helping women… getting information out there. Jane Akre took advantage of that. I will hand it to the woman… she knows how to play the game. My mother sent many women her way to do their stories… and bring light to what was happening to women. Little did she know it was all subterfuge for something with a greater purpose… and it was not in helping humanity or bringing stories of mesh women to the public view. If it had been… it would have been on a larger syndicated newspaper or TV station… and not used instead in press releases and promotion to lawyers. Then handed to Corporate Action Network like a gift with a shiny red bow.

Teresa Jones is another master manipulator.  For whatever reason… the woman has her motives for doing what she does.  When even a tiny fraction of what she has done is exposed… she goes on the attack, gathers up her mob and then… crying “poor me” at the end of it.  What a talented mob master.

It is beyond comprehension that you can be deceived. It can happen to anyone. It does not mean you’re stupid. It doesn’t mean you are horrible. It simply means you’re human.

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