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Too Much Wacky Fun is open for business.  That’s right folks… the new “The Mesh Warrior Foundation for the Injured” has a new online home and a slick new site built just for money-making purposes.  Let’s take a tour…

I never really stopped to notice the address before (I’m not a stickler for details I leave that stuff to the Hawks most of the time).  So imagine my surprise when I googled the address to find this building… and apparently it’s been on her site (the old one too) since the beginning.


That’s right folks… 3100 Main Street #234, Dallas, Texas is where the little smurf village resides to rake in the cash daily.

Why is the building not blue?

Anyway… I’m sure everyone knows the price of rent is ASTRONOMICAL these days for even a shitty little building in a crappy end of town.  Why… even in crap-ass Hempstead rents are going for $800 for NO BUSINESS IN SIGHT and barely a toilet to your name.

Who’s funding this?

Well…. I’m starting to see where all of “Aaron’s own money” has gone to.  You can RACE through $15,000 in a year on rent alone after all.

No wonder she has her hand out to all the lawyers in town.  Oh… and you… the little people who are damaged… of course.

FireShot Screen Capture #011 - 'Mission, Vision & Values - The Mesh Warrior Foundation for the injured' - www_tmwfoundation_org_mission_vision_valuesI’m on on the “mission statement” page and can’t help but try to keep the vomit down.  Just look at the heart-warming fake ass images she’s using.  Are these REAL mesh injured people… or her relatives?  Actually… quite a few are relatives.  Maybe all of them (I don’t know them all).  It’s absolutely disgusting someone would seek to profit off injured women… and create their own money laundering campaign (oops… I mean donations fund) to do it?

So… here’s whats written on this page…

EDUCATE… really?  This woman wouldn’t know her ass from an alien when it comes to being mesh injured.  She hasn’t written ONE solid piece of writing that could help anyone… because she is NOT INJURED and does NOT know anything about actually BEING injured or dealing with it first hand (other than being thrown out of her mother’s hospital room).

ADVOCATE… translation… hold your hand out… and wait for the cash to come pouring in.  All the while making a farce of everything by doing completely useless shit like attending trials and conferences and meetings to talk about what a pompous little piece of blue shit you are.

BUILD COMMUNITY… only the select chosen few will be allowed in their community (are you sure this isn’t a CULT… cause it sure feels like one to me).  Speaking of… one particular line jumped out at me…

“By providing financial assistance for medical, mental, social, emotional & physical needs of the injured”

That’s novel… considering Kim was out at UCLA stranded and smurf didn’t donate 2 freaking pennies to help her in any way at all.

I particularly like this statement…

“By seeking out and interviewing doctors to endorse, who are compassionate and well trained who have also completed additional fellowships and education in the emerging fields of urogynecology, pelvic pain and pelvic reconstruction”

Seeking out… doctors to ENDORSE.  Endorse meaning… money.  So… you’re either going to pay doctors you like to refer women to… or they can pay YOU for referring innocent victims to them.

There’s more… it’s MONEY… MONEY… MONEY time people…. there’s a nice little attachment presentation entitled “general education FUNDRAISER presentation” (since all her money went on rent).  Oh… wait… it’s the same damn presentation she had before to rip people off.  Never mind… just the same old handout routine in a slick new look.

I’m sure we have ever so much more to look forward to from the smurfs… after all… they are all financially linked up together these days… Jane… Corporate Action Network (CAN)… TVTno… and even Estelle is promoting BLUE all of a sudden.

All laughing their asses off… all the way to the bank.

Note:  After posting this someone brought it to my attention this address could very well be where Aaron gets her mail… and is not actually renting the building.  Got to wonder why a nonprofit would go out of her way to purchase a PO box so she couldn’t be traced?

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  1. I am so angry to know that Aaron Horton used me from the word go. It did not take me as long as it did to figure out Jane Akre, and after Aaron Horton lied to me when she came to visit my home and wrote her fantasy story about me, I sent an email to Jane Akre and said I had come to the conclusion that Aaron was self serving. Jane replied “So am I”. How that all resonates with me now after realizing the truth of what all these people do. It’s all planned out and they use us like pieces of dirt for their own financial gain. Liars never win in the end, they get exposed.

  2. It’s a shame that the “Smurfs” of mesh have hijacked the color blue. In the Celtic world blue was a color of strength and resolve. Warriors from Queen Boadicea to William Wallace would paint themselves blue before battle. They were honest and hard fighting —hardly traits of people masquerading to gain information under false pretense. I’m wondering if the mesh Smurfs even know the history behind the color as they seem more absorbed in glitter and fuzzy stories ? I tried very hard to turn this community into fighters using the data on my site I’d collected in the area of quality control that could be pointed at the big device companies. They paid no attention and their leaders kept my comments marginalized as they wanted to be the ones to hold sway over their kool aid drinkers. If you watch Braveheart you will see the same sub plot from the movie in the mesh smurf community. Namely the “fix is in” as they like in Braveheart have cut a deal with somebody else and the people in the community are left out of the benefit.

  3. Since I’m blocked from The Mesh Warrior did she ever write the interview with Dr. V that was supposed take place a few weeks ago? It also irritates me that they were only interested in J&J until this big win and now all of a sudden they are heroes.

    • There has been no article written on dr. V. by the mesh whatever. You’re not alone with the irritation over the $73m Boston Scientific win… it wasn’t important until they all saw it might be worth major bucks.

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