Backstabbing Glitches

In the wake of my story about Estelle… which was not shared on Facebook for over 24 hours… there was a bit of unrest.  I got a short message from her husband which was less than happy about it.  Yesterday was a bit of blur… dog problems.  So only today after my mother received an email from them did she address it on her blog.

I am very, very disappointed with Estelle.

There were warning signs in advance, as there often are.  We overlooked them, we discounted them.  I am truly sorry for all the drama created from that… and the women who donated their time and money towards them.

She was also supposed to come here and meet us… but cancelled at the very, very last minute.  I understood because she had just been through surgery and I thought it odd she would travel anywhere… but she insisted she wanted to meet us.  I suppose some things are better left undone.

Something really strange… occurred in PMs… she said, “they said you will come after me next.”  What?  Why?  Unfortunately that made me start to wonder about a few things women were saying with greater analysis.  Curiosity… well it’ll find answers but not without a cost.

This girl sent me screenshots of all sorts of messages the Sawyers and Aaron were sending her.  She forwarded them on.  She said use them if I thought it would help.  I never did… because honestly it was a little distasteful.  Especially considering how Aaron was begging for her story.  Kind of pitiful… even for me to read.

Less than flattering things were said of Aaron, Teresa Ray and the Sawyers (in fairness mostly the Sawyers)… so imagine my surprise to read on the 29th of June a post that read almost like the academy awards winner accepting a prize.  I think this is what her husband was alluding to when he said she “stood up for my mom.”  Yes… and everyone else as well.  I’m wondering how many private messages of less than flattering things were said about my mother behind her back too now.

FireShot Screen Capture #136 - 'Estelle Rogers Tasz - Messages' - www_facebook_com_messages_estelle_taszHonestly… I’ve thought about posting the PMs here… but in truth I won’t unless they push me.  I did go out of my way to save them all in nice little screenshots… so in case you want to push that button, feel free.  A public face… and a private message face are two different things for some people.  You’ll find me to be the same in both, perhaps a bit kinder  in private message… but just as blunt.  So I will share what I said in the last PM… because you never know just how things get twisted behind my back.

After reading the academy award post… I sent her a PM… and let her know what I thought about it.  Because yes… Estelle was PISSED Aaron took her “Not one More” slogan.  So much so my mother had written a blog and I told her change the title because it was too close to it and I didn’t want any disrespect.

Things I find disrespectful… let’s just go ahead and call this Rule #4.

Saying you will call… and not calling.  Saying you will do something… and not doing it.  Period.

Changing your story… telling one person one thing… and another something totally different.

Talking behind people’s backs… gossip is a natural human flaw… but whatever you say you better be able to say it directly to them as well.  I stated that to Estelle in PM from the start… I told her she could share whatever I said… because I will say the same thing directly to them.

Devil in the Details

While we’re at it… some advice.  If you want the spotlight… be prepared for everyone to shine the light in all the crevices.  I’m not even remotely interested in a spotlight… but when I started this… I came to terms with knowing people would dig and possibly find things about me in the past I would rather stay back there.  Men mostly… losers and bad decisions when I was “in love.”  No naked photos or videos… thank god for that.  But still… we all have a past.

The past is one thing… taking photos everywhere when you are in litigation and going on interviews and pilgrimages to Washington… that’s something else.  You might want to think very, very carefully about what you do.  The world of mesh women… are watching very, very closely.


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